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Friday, May 7, 2010

Pastels and Sparkles and Furr

Hello fags it's been a while! Now that it is finals time I am back to talk with you all about some fashion. As the weather gets warmer I like thinking about sparkles and pastels since Easter passed and Jesus apparently likes pastel colors with his resurrection. So first let's talk about sparkles as seen here:

She loves sparkles! Everyone should wear sparkles because they are definitely a flag for being gay. Can't you tell she's a dyke? Smear some on your chest, eyes, cheeks, tits, thighs everywhere that should be highlighted! Sparkles say "LOOK AT ME!!!"

And now here are some pastel cats, think about their colors when getting dressed:

And consider adding some pastel fur into your wardrobe like Lucy Lui has. She looks fab! The baby blue fur begs to be touched and looks faggy.

Even a small accent of pastel socks with your underwear, heels, and sketchy motel room makes for a great outfit:

Pastel dead flowers for your room!

Tiny pastel pink sweaters to wear when crying over your ex. Doesn't life feel better when you are wearing cute colors?

This is a really good band too even though I don't think she's gay.
Maybe that's why she's crying.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shorts 4 the Summer

This is Kanye West's girlfriend. Kanye West once said that without race mixing there would be no video girls, now he is dating one and she is also a model, I don't know how she identitfies racially. I'm just going to leave that quote alone, I don't really know where to go with it.

HOWEVER, Amber Rose is also bisexual aka GAI, and she has amazing style. Her accessories are so well chosen from the shoes, to the vest-scarf thing, to her orange wilted bag. I would like to draw your attention to her shorts: elastic waist detail, pulled up to her bellybutton, light summer wash. Do that.

Why does everyone want to be bisexual? I don't know but Lady Gaga sure does. She sports high-waisted light denim shorts that I cannot wait to wear myself. What about these shorts draws gay grls to them? Maybe because they remind you of your lesbian gym teacher from middle school or your twentysomethinggrl camp counslor you spent summers drooling over.

ACID WASH/DYKE BOOT/GREY(GAY) SHIRT ALERT. Is Peaches even gay? Who cares she looks it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

G L A M O ROUS Thinking About the *80's

Everything about this look is fierce, I especially like the "men's" cut of the trousers and the silver blazer with pushed up sleeves. Really great gey haircut idea!

LEGS LEGS LEGS! Today I myself am rocking the spandex American Apparel dress in forest green, next time I wear the nude one I will definitely pair it with red lipstick. It takes ovaries and confidence to wear, is my cellulite showing? I don't care!

This lady is a lesbian irl, I am a fan of the frosty make-up and the acid washed jacket. Maybe a more updated cut would be better, but acid wash is definitely something more people should be wearing.

More amazing trousers! I love the cuff paired with low heels, while the scarf and fur jacket make her look pretty insane and ~artistic~. I'm not sure what about the 80's makes these outfits strike me as gay looking, maybe because of how fierce and femme these womyn look. Also, the "men's" trouser cuts bring a certain androgyny to the looks, which I love... acid wash is totally gey no matter how you swing it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lick it right, lick it good

So I just found out about the lesbian hip-hop duo God-des and She. They are pretty fabulous and the entire "Lick It" video is full of excellent dyke fashion. Notice: God-des's jeans have a skinny fit but are still kind of loose. I have no idea how to get/find jeans to fit like that but I'll keep an eye out. Not to mention the weird acid wash, super sick. The low slung belt on hips makes me so hot, words cannot describe.

There's also inspiration for high-femme drag make-up, the incredible false eyelashes and white-eyeliner combo. I need a wig so badly, love the volume. The 1970's thin-wire rim, nerd glasses would look amazing on the right girl.

For your viewing pleasure here is another video about eating pussy (Khia "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)"):

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What does gay look like: famous femme/sParKle dreSs* edition

Oh Lindsay Lohan, you are the epitome of fashion forward femme gay grl. I will dedicate an entire post to you in the future, but today I will focus on your fantastic midnight sparkle dress and sexii boi arm candy. I also really dig the black tights/black high heel combo. (Google).

These are the Ikki (Rikki and Vikki) twins from MTV's a Double Shot at Love. They are both bisexual, what are the chances? On the show the one masculine presenting woman, really butch, got kicked off the show and she was absolutely pissed. She punched a statue and declared that the whole show was bullshit, that the twins don't give a fuck about anyone's hearts etc. It was a great episode to say the least, but not as good as these matching silver skin tight numbers. (Google).

What does gay look like: andro edition

I really like these glasses Rachel Maddow is wearing. And the jeans/belt/white t-shirt is classic. Starting things off with some images I've found inspiring. (Google).

Buffalo plaid needs to be worn more often, classic haircut, red lipstick, little black socks over the tights. Does the masculine haircut make her look more gay? I don't even know if this person is or not. (The Sartorialist).

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